Employer Safety Statement

All Employees

We, the owners of Langerak Roof Systems, Inc. (LRS), value our customer’s buildings and the products that they contain, but a human life is totally irreplaceable. For this reason, we make every attempt to keep our work sites as safe as possible, not only for our employees, but also our customers, the public, and the world around us.. To this end, we have, and are still developing, our Think Safety Manual to help everyone in the company to know and understand better what kind of behavior is considered safe. This will be an ongoing process, as we will continue to develop this policy to better serve our company as LRS continues into the future. We ask that all employees familiarize themselves with this policy and follow it, as safety is everyone’s responsibility. We all rely on each other to keep our work place safe, what each of us does affects the others around us. We also ask that employees would participate in the program when opportunities arise. This will help to create a more practical and well-rounded safety program to have involvement at all levels, protecting all of us better.

In addition to our personal belief that safety is important, our governments, at the state and federal levels, also believe that we ought to be providing a safe working environment for our employees. For this reason they have set up organizations, OSHA and MIOSHA, to help us to assess the safety of our work sites by setting up guidelines and regulations to follow allowing us to better provide this environment for our employees. For this reason, LRS will also make every attempt to follow or surpass all regulatory requirements that these organizations set up as they are helpful to our company.

LRS will attempt to create a safe working environment that protects everyone that our work can effect. We have done this with our Think Safety Manual in conjunction with regulations from OSHA and MIOSHA. The success of the LRS safety program depends on the efforts and actions of each individual employee. Safety will NOT be sacrificed for expediency under any circumstances. We ask our employees to WORK SAFELY!



Henry Langerak Michael Langerak

July 8, 2015